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May Allah make this Masjid a source of guidance ( hidayat)  for everyone in this world (Aameen) & protect it from any kind of evil intentions (shar)  & fitna (Aameen). In the light of this dua, Inshallah, this masjid is not for any specific or particular group (jamaat) or sect , however, for every muslim who believes in oneness of god , follow Sunnah, bringing in the  characteristics (sifaats) of Sahabaas , continuing the responsibility of Invitation  & Propogation (Dawah & Tabligh) as a Ummah.

We need help of any sort - physical help, financial help, spiritual help and most importantly your duas. So, if any brother would like to offer any kind of services , please, do contact us. Jazak Allah-u-Khairan.

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